an member station

"Taken with slight scenery"

besides the dogs that gather beyond these gates

who else did she tell I wonder our friends

coffee always sends them running splendidly


incumbent in the finest holiday lace

and you should have seen the ballerina

hold court beneath fluttering skies

moon was the last time we wandered among them

circuits buzz alive as these words our roses


remind me why we ever left this flat tire

heavy with mercy were the priests those days

cardamom their liturgy while sunrise

feasts upon tattered tablecloths her hope


she blames me for the changing waves I know

all these borrowed trade winds make her love you

hedgerows crying from her song strung potential

cast lots overflowing dotted mailboxes

they breathe while she brings their patterns enough


you leave the reckoning past feathered creeks

dynamic were their flights ever behind you

Support comes from

at eleven she calls me from the game

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