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March 04, 2015

Nevada Public Radio Policy on Mailing List


Nevada Public Radio has earned our listeners' trust over the past thirty years by broadcasting the highest quality news and cultural programming. Maintaining and strengthening this trust will always be a paramount concern.

NVPR maintains a database of names and addresses of those persons who have supported us financially or otherwise have indicated an interest in our station programming or activities. From time to time these lists are used by NVPR to mail information (including our newsletter) to persons on the list or to seek financial support from them.

To grow our membership and therefore assure our financial security, NVPR prospects for listeners/donors with other local and compatible non-profit organizations. To assure ethical use of the mailing list, NVPR has adopted the following policies:


1) NVPR's mailing list will be made available only on exchange. NVPR's list is not available for rental or sale. NVPR's list will only be exchanged with non-profit organizations. NVPR's mailing list will not be traded with candidates for public office, committees or organizations supporting a candidate, political parties, committees or organizations that solicit funds for use in political campaigns for any purpose whatsoever, or organizations that spend a substantial amount of their time and revenue lobbying. The list will not be exchanged with organizations whose purpose or reputation would damage the goodwill and trust between the station and its donors. The list will absolutely not be exchanged, rented or sold for telemarketing use.

2) NVPR will periodically inform members of about how they can prevent their name from being exchanged, offer a means by which their names may be suppressed upon request and suppress names as requested.

3) The Director of Development must approve each use of the mailing list. If there is any question about the exchange the General Manager should be consulted for final approval or disapproval.

4) The Director Of Development should review the membership list for station constituencies that may be inappropriate to be exchanged. When list exchanges are performed, names will be traded on a name-per-name one-time use basis or on an in-kind value for value basis. The Director of Development reserves the right to review and approve mailpieces prior to agreeing to the trade and changes may not be made without prior approval. Organizations using NVPR's mailing list may disclose the source of the names if agreed to in writing by NVPR. A signed letter of agreement must accompany each list exchange.

5) List exchanges will comply with all federal and state laws pertaining to the use of mailing lists by non-profit organizations. Furthermore, list exchanges must also comply with all regulations issued by appropriate agencies, such as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

6) NVPR will not rent or buy names from political candidates, political parties, organizations or committees that support a candidate or that solicit funds for use in political campaigns, or organizations that spend a substantial amount of their time and revenue lobbying government. Lists will not be rented from organizations whose purpose would damage the goodwill and trust between the station and its donors.

7) In the case of official co-sponsored events between NVPR and a commercial entity in which NVPR is the beneficiary, NVPR will allow use of its list on a one-time use, in-house basis only. In that case, NVPR also reserves the right to review and approve the mailpiece prior to its mailing. Once approved, changes cannot be made to the mailpiece without seeking station approval.

8) NVPR will maintain complete and accurate records of all uses of membership and donor lists for fundraising purposes.

The Director of Development and the General Manager on a yearly basis will review this list trade policy. The Board of Directors must approve any revisions to the policy.

Adopted by Board Resolution

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