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Rory Reid and Brian Sandoval went toe to toe at their second debate of the election season. Rory still trails Sandoval by double digits in the polls so will the debate make a difference?

Meanwhile in the senate race Sharron Angle has caused some stir for a semi-secret meeting with Tea Party foe Scott Ashjian. In that meeting, Angle criticized the Republican Party. What made the meeting more interesting, however, was when she offered to use her political clout to benefit Ashjian should she be elected. He need only drop out of the senate race to make that happen. So Sharron Angle, who sharply criticized Harry Reid for making back-room deals was caught red handed making a back room deal herself.

We talk with our political pundits for a debate follow-up and a look at the latest developments in the U.S. Senate race.

Jon Ralston, Host, "Face to Face," KSNV, and Political Columnist, Las Vegas Sun
Steve Sebelius, Ed, Las Vegas Citylife, and Political Analyst, KLAS Channel 8

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