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Whether you prefer classic hot dogs or crazy on a bun, we have a nice wiener for you

PLAIN DOG, REPRESENT! We’re all familiar with information overload. In the food world, there’s a related syndrome afflicting us: flavor overload. A cloying maximalism rules the culinary zeitgeist and, well, it’s complicated: Donuts piled with cereal and candy; Bloody Marys topped with bacon and chicken wings; froyo bars where you can bury your yogurt beneath a landslide of sprinkles and crumbles; gourmet cookies as big as hubcaps, and gourmet burgers served with steak knives. And now they’ve come for our hot dogs.

I’ve got no beef with freewheeling foodie creativity. But sometimes you have to ask: Does your kimchi chicken-and-waffle breakfast pizza-rito spark joy? Remember and embrace the simple pleasures — like the classic hot dog at Buldogis. A plump, juicy frank on a squishy bun, topped with ketchup, mustard, and relish. An added bonus to enjoying an old-fashioned hot dog without all the baggage: You’ll actually have room for dessert.  Andrew Kiraly


FANCY DOG FTW! Hot dogs are America on a bun. From ballparks to July 4th cookouts, the hot dog is — along with apple pie — the officially sanctioned foodstuff of democracy. Which is terrific. Excellent choice, America! Now add kimchi. Or pork belly. Or Korean chili sauce. Or jalapeño. Now you have a hot dog for the new America, taste-optimized for the globally cultured U.S. of the 21st century. On top of which, these fancy dogs are good. Turns out that the hot dog, like democracy, adapts readily to new flavors. A bahn mi dog at Buldogis brings you the mouthfeel of the future: an expansive mix of the reassuringly familiar and the (in a hot dog context, at least) thrillingly unfamiliar. Of course, props go to the Chicago dog, which has long carried the domestic banner for fancy dogs’ superiority. Excellent choice, Chicago! I’m just happy to have all these other tastes piling on. Scott Dickensheets

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Five other spots for a sausage party

By Greg Thilmont

1. Swing for the outfield with a gourmet Chicago dog by Chef Brian Howard of Sparrow + Wolf fame at his Flydogs venture in the new Las Vegas Ballpark — it’s a smoked cheddar brat suited up with neon-green relish, fiery sport peppers, and ruby-red tomato slices on a poppyseed bun. (1650 S. Pavilion Center Drive, 702-943-7200,

2. Get down with a messy but tasty Pastrami Dog at Dirt Dog. It features a bacon-wrapped beef Nathan’s frank topped with lunch meat, diced pickles, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon bits, and housemade mustard. 8390 S. Rainbow Blvd. #100, 702-550-4682,

3. Ditch the meat at the retro Joy of Hot Dog camper in Downtown with a garden-style creation: a Beyond Sausage-brand Hot Italian link, farro-quinoa-carrot relish, vegan cheese, chipotle hummus, shredded lettuce, radishes, celery salt, and mint on a locally baked bun from Bon Breads. 504 E. Fremont St., 702-834-3160,

4. Pop by Cheffini’s in Container Park for the South-of-the-Border stylings of a spicy El Mexicano, featuring a salchicha in a bacon serape, cherry pepper relish, onions, tomatoes, chipotle-guava salsa, and avocado slices. 707 Fremont St. #1050, 702-527-7599,

5. Hang loose with a Chili Idol from Dog Haus: a griddled Black Angus wiener, chili con carne, cheddar-cheese sauce, and diced onions on an unseparated trio of toasted King’s Hawaiian rolls. 4480 Paradise Road, 702-435-4287,

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