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Street Foodie: Nothing Fancy


Hamburger Hut
Photography by Brent Holmes

In North Las Vegas, eating real food made for real people

Hamburger Hut (1)

This North Las Vegas fixture proves simplicity can equal elegance. The reliable menu of fries, chicken wings, onion rings, and fingers is highlighted by — in Street Foodie’s opinion — the platonic ideal of the cheeseburger. The essential thing, perfectly done. (This is the taste I often associate with North Las Vegas.) If the bustling room is any indication, I’m not the only one who thinks so.
2512 E. Cheyenne Ave.,


DonutsReal Donuts and Subs (2)

This year, Street Foodie resolves to eat more donuts. Nothing says living your best life like an old-fashioned and a cup of coffee. I’ll level with you: I haven’t even tried the subs here. After the donuts, there’s never any room in the Street Belly. 2212 E. Cheyenne Ave., 702-649-6357 



Fish n chipsUSS Fish N Chips (3)

The presence of a military base has resulted in a dining hybrid that Street Foodie and Dr. Moreau can’t help but love: semi-authentic, delicious Korean flavors mashed-up with a standard fish-fry joint. Try a plate of bulgogi in tandem with the fried scallops, and you’ll see. The chip-style fries fit neither culinary tradition but meld beautifully with both. 3297 Las Vegas Blvd. N., 702-643-7251 

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El TizonTaqueria el Tizon Grill (4)

The “super” in super nachos typically has no bearing on the quality of the dish. Well, we may have found an exception. Street Foodie — no lightweight when it comes to nachos — finished about a quarter of these massively sized, massively delicious, very super nachos. Tip: Pile on the al pastor, which is top-notch. 3266 Las Vegas Blvd. N. #9, 702-878-4966

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