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It's our 10th annual Focus on Nevada photo issue! Plus, my dry lakebeds, spicy chicken sandwich 'splosion, five years of legal weed and zen and the art of birdwatching.

10th Annual Focus on Nevada Photo Contest

Jeff Scheid, 1st Place, Storyteller: Dancers perform during Mexican Independence Day in North Las Vegas.
Jeff Scheid

1st Place, Storyteller, Jeff Scheid: Dancers perform during Mexican Independence Day in North Las Vegas.

Over the 10 years we’ve been holding the Focus on Nevada photo contest, a lot of things have changed. We’ve remixed categories, switched up judges, and watched a hundred cool photo trends come and go. But we’ve discovered one enduring truth: Between the visual splendor of Nevada and the boundless creativity of its photographers, we can never say that we’ve seen it all. Every year, surprise and delight arrive in the form of not just fresh images, but whole new ways of seeing our cities, our landscapes, and our people. Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks once again for opening our eyes.


Ms. AyeVee
Literary artist

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Bridget Bennett
Photographer/professor, UNLV

Beverly Chillz

Joe Dumic
B&C Camera

Nancy Good
Gallerist/artist, Core Contemporary

Andrew Kiraly
Editor, Desert Companion

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Heidi Kyser
Deputy editor, Desert Companion

Warren Lee

Scott Lien
Senior designer, Desert Companion

Aaron Mayes
Photographer/curator, UNLV

Christopher Smith
Art director, Desert Companion

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Mark Vogelzang
CEO, Nevada Public Radio