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Trendsetter: Barbra Jo Batterman

Barbra Jo Batterman
Photography by Lucky Wenzel

Barbra Jo Batterman

With her stylized secondhand flair and first-rate skills, this makeup artist has become a Las Vegas icon

Known for her upbeat personality, quirky style, and straight-talk approach to makeup, Barbra Jo Batterman’s brushes have touched the faces of presidents, A-list celebrities, music-industry giants, and corporate leaders. She puts a strong emphasis on helping both men and women age gracefully, working not only on makeup and grooming, but also consulting with them on health and fitness and how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. And maybe a little of her signature flair.

How would you describe your personal style? Colorful, fun, over-60 style, and proud of it. I dress and accessorize age-appropriate with my own quirky flair.

Who are your style icons? Iris Apfel, 97 years old, and Jane Fonda  81 years old — both still styling.

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Do you think it was harder to establish yourself in the industry before social media? I am so lucky to have started 44 years ago. Social media has made the makeup industry seem more glamorous and encouraged lots of people to enter the field. At the same time, YouTube has taught lots of woman how to make themselves up, lowering demand for professionals. Yet, there is still opportunity for the exceptional artist, even today.

There has been a shift in the beauty industry over the past few years to more organic and natural products — what are your thoughts? I am in favor of hypoallergenic products and, of course, products that are not tested on animals. But “natural” just for the sake of being “natural” doesn’t really sell me. I think that if a natural or organic product is truly hypoallergenic for you, use it. If not, I see no advantage in the products. 

Any great DIY beauty hacks you can share? Tip of the day: Olive oil and brown sugar mixed together make an excellent lip exfoliator.

If you could only pick one beauty item for a job, what would it be? Eyeliner. It is always about bringing out the eyes, eye contact — the windows of the soul.

What is your daily uniform? Stylized clothing from outlet, consignment, and secondhand stores, accessorized with Doc Martens, eyeglass frames by Anne & Valentin, and Coco Parfum from Chanel.

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Do you have a mantra? Balance your life, stretch, walk, eat clean, and be grateful for being alive.

Best beauty advice for guys? Personal grooming is your best friend. Just because you can’t see inside of your ears doesn’t mean you should forget about them.

Three things every woman needs for fall 2019? Health, fitness, and sleep.

What product do you always find yourself “selling” to anyone who will listen? Brows! Having your brows frame your eyes is so important. Senna, Anastasia, Smashbox — they all make great brow products.

What would you title your autobiography? Every 10 Years a New Chapter.