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Vintage Vibes

Portrait of Chase Stevens
Olga Minkevich
Desert Companion

Fashion is always in frame for local photographer Chase Stevens

What’s old is new for photographer Chase Stevens. Not interested in fashion during his youth, his love affair with vintage and secondhand clothes was sparked at a Buffalo Exchange within walking distance of UNLV while he was a student there. As the newly minted assistant photo editor at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Stevens’ daily work in the visual arts influences the pieces he chooses to wear. “I’m such a visual person through being a photographer that when I started getting into fashion and learning more about it, it really clicked with me, because (clothing’s) just such a visual thing,” he says. “The colors and the patterns of it stood out to me, and that’s what drew my interest in it.” Here’s more of Stevens’ style, in his own words.

Vintage 1980s ($50) by Julian K., Alt Rebel
I like that it’s a midway jacket, because I can roll up my sleeves a little bit if it’s hotter in the day, and then I can pull (them) back down when it cools down. Since, you know, Vegas weather is a little tricky to navigate.

($200) by Acne Studios
This is the one thing in the outfit that I bought new! I love jeans. They’re so great for so many outfits that I wear, and these have the perfect silhouette and cut to them. They’re a little slim, and they’ve lasted forever.

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Black suede jodhpurs ($250) by Saint Laurent, Wasteland (L.A.)I feel like they have a really sharp sort of vibe to them ... They’re very ’60s, like the Beatles’ (signature Chelsea boots), but what’s cool about them is they have these little straps on them ... (which) sort of gives the boots a Western style.

Las Vegas Hilton (now Westgate) ($30), Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall
What’s cool about (this piece) is my dad worked at the Las Vegas Hilton in the ’80s as a chef, so it’s an extra cool tie into that for me.

($45) by Irina, Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender vendor fair
What’s really cool about it is the textures — it’s barkcloth, which is just sort of a rare fabric. At least for me, it’s definitely more of a vintage fabric.

($139-169) by Totwoo
This was a gift from my girlfriend. When you press (the bracelet), it vibrates. And so, she has one that links up, too ... It’s just a really cool little thing.