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Trendsetter: Blair Edwards

This busy musical artist and Cirque performer tends toward a minimalist style with an Idris Elba attitude

Born and raised in London, Beatles LOVE dancer Blair Edwards found himself moving to South Florida for a piece of the American dream, eventually dedicating his time to the performing arts. “From doing music videos and the occasional performance here and there,” he says, “I eventually was discovered by Cirque Du Soleil and moved to Las Vegas to elevate my craft from being a dancer to (a musical) artist. I’ve used all opportunities to take my skill to the next level.” And he looks great doing it.


Who is your style icon?

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I have a couple sources of inspiration. Top three would be @BlackGypsies (on Instagram), artist and tailor T-Michael Bergen, and Pharrell Williams.


Describe your personal style.

It depends on the weather, and my mood. I tend to take a minimalistic approach, T-shirt and jeans with a bomber/biker jacket on top. Or if I’m trying to create traffic jams, I’d go for a nice button-down with slim-fit pant and dress shoes. Don’t forget the biker jacket on top, it goes with everything.


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You are a dancer in LOVE — how does that affect your sartorial choices?

Due to our show being so bright and bold with colors, most of my wardrobe choices tend to be dark shades. Black always goes with black, with only a hint of color for pop.

Best time of day?

Golden hour. Melanin is gorgeous around the clock, but sunrise and sunset make for the best selfies.


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What is your “desert Island” item of clothing?

Anything that is breathable and could be worn open. Hawaiian shirts are perfect, but I’m starting to get into kimonos.


What is your favorite piece of clothing?

My favorite piece of clothing right now is my biker jacket. It’s getting hot so it’s not ideal to wear, but I always have it ready on standby, just in case.


What is your personal motto?

WWID. What would Idris (Elba) do?


Biggest style pet peeve?

Colors that don’t coordinate! I don’t care what anyone wears, just make sure that the colors match and are appropriate aesthetically. When in doubt, just wear black, can’t go wrong.


Your best advice to the average guy who wants to up his style cool factor?

Don’t be afraid of accessories. I’m not saying go over the top and wear every accessory you can but getting something that can complement your outfit or shows a bit of your personality can go a long way. Also do your research; there are a lot of style blogs on the internet that may catch your eye.


What is one stylish thing every guy needs for summer in Las Vegas?

As men we have to find the perfect balance between style and functionality. Nevada in the summer can get gruesome, but I’m not going to be caught with just a tank and shorts. We need more open button shirts with light fabric to show off our summer bods we’ve been working on all year!


Current music you have on repeat?

I’m all over the place right now with music. But usually I find Anderson .Paak, Gallant, H.E.R., and Moses Sumney in my playlist.


What is an average day like for you? Dawn to dusk?

My day usually starts when the sun is highest. I love sleeping in. Then I catch up on my shows or finish writing some music. Depending on if I have training or not for the show, I’d usually get there with five minutes to spare, forever leaving things to the last minute. After performing two shows, I recharge by going home and finishing a tub of nondairy ice cream while continuing to finalize my projects till I pass out. Then start the whole process again.