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Zeit: Photo ID required

Any of these folks look familiar? If so, the Las Vegas News Bureau wants to hear from you.

The Las Vegas News Bureau has, to use a technical term, a boatload of photos — many thousands of images that chronicle decades of the city’s events, attractions, celebrities, resorts, and culture. An arm of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the bureau uses these images to help market the city. It also curates exhibits, including the photo show hanging at the Centennial Hills Library through July 30, which celebrates the agency’s 70th anniversary. (Congrats!) But with such a rich, voluminous archive comes a problem: lost information. There are plenty of photos about which the News Bureau knows little or nothing. Who are those stylish gals taking aim in the photo above? Why is that man wearing a ridiculous mustache years before it was cool? To help answer such questions, the bureau will host a talk about its history on July 6, at 7 p.m., at the Clark County Library (702-507-3459). On hand will be binders of unidentified images for public perusal, in the hope of crowdsourcing useful caption information.