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Perennial pix

Year after year, some subjects beg to be shot and entered in our annual photo contest

We saw more hot-air balloons among this year’s entries than usual. Is it a coincidence that the Legislature — another gathering of colorful gasbags — is in session? Aw, probably no connection ...

Rainbow photos rarely win — not even the double rainbows we saw plenty of this time —
but they sure add a pop of ephemeral beauty to the judging process!


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“Can you dangle precariously from that rock just a few more minutes? Gotta change lenses.” At least it’s for a good cause: Shots of rock climbers often do well in our contest.

The desert bighorn sheep, with its Spider-man ability to walk on sheer rock, seems genetically engineered to be photographed.

We chalk up the prevalence of owls every year to the culture’s ongoing uncertainty about exactly how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Junkers, preferably abandoned and graffiti’d, represent the enigmatic detritus of civilization, and are therefore irresistible to photographers.