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Deleted scenes from Sleepless

What you won’t see when Jamie Foxx and T.I.’s film about corrupt Las Vegas cops hits theaters this month


“Bad to the Bone” music montage in which villains fall prey to Foxx and T.I.’s zany booby traps.


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Crooked cops pause while beating a perp to lament the missing “Las” in Vegas Golden Knights. “It’s ‘the meadows,’ not just ‘meadows,’ you know?” a plaintive Foxx says. Beating resumes.


Tender scene in which Foxx reads son bedtime story; every line punctuated by sick bass drop.


In fleeting cameo, Sheldon Adelson announces that he run Bartertown, then leaves on shoulders of Steve Sisolak.

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Car chase skids through mayor’s state of the city address, waking no one.


Foxx and T.I. throw up hands in disgust when they realize whole movie premise is a fake news story.