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Zeit bites:Deleted scenes from Godzilla


When the new Godzilla opens next month, it will feature several scenes set in Las Vegas. But not all of them. Here’s what was left on the editing-bay floor.

After marveling at its diaphanous, dreamlike beauty and daring lack of a traditional narrative structure, Godzilla eats Mystere.

Godzilla starts destroying suburban communities around the Strip, but is eventually driven away by poor education system, lack of family amenities and little sense of community.

Begins ferocious and terrifying destruction of Las Vegas; then settles into a lazy, safe routine; offered residency at Planet Hollywood.

In 44-minute continuous-shot scene, Godzilla waits for a table to open up at Le Thai.

Godzilla tries but fails to destroy Harmon Tower and becomes entangled in complex construction-defect lawsuit.

Eager to learn more about exciting home interiors and spring fashion, Godzilla locates a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Jamba Juice to pick up the April issue of Desert Companion.

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Sep 01, 2014

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