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Desert Companion

Fall culture guide, 2045 A.D.

Julugust 1-65

“Print ready”

Artistic algorithm XQ44T-7000.exe’s exhibit of 3-D-printed 3-D printers printing 3-D printers. Clark County Government Center Rotunda Gallery


October 25-until the Porta-Potties overflow

Life Was Beautiful

This annual gathering around the Third Straw intake in the dry basin of Lake Mead will feature music (an ancient Killers CD on portable speakers), storytelling (old-timers reminiscing about how Vegas was better when the Water District ran things) and Burning Man — some guy spontaneously combusting from the heat. Opening remarks by St. Thomas Mayor Oscar Goodman.


ThoughtAvailable Junember 45

SmithCenter Stimu-pack

Download the .mindzip file of the entire SmithCenter fall season — including Wicked 11, Jerry Lewis’ Reanimated Head Talez, Every Infomercial Ever: The Musical and An Evening With Kevin Smith’s AI Hologram — into your retinal interface braindrive now for just 90,000 Earth credits. Info:


September 16

Joan Rivers

“Live” from her amniotic stasis preservation chamber, the sentient spinal column of Joan Rivers hosts this hilarious and heartwarming retrospective of 80 years of comedy, from her celebrated appearances on The Tonight Show to her recent cameos on Compulsory Laughter Corp.’s continuous psychstream hit, The Big Bang Theory. 70,000,000-250,000,000 credits, Venetian orbital entertainment panoptiplex

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Decembertron 15

“Will Direct Thought-Sharing Kill the Internet?”

A TED Telepathy presentation. Has Buzzfeed’s failure to keep up with brain-to-brain listicle-distribution doomed it to irrelevance? When your easily read thoughts mean people can believe what happened next, should Upworthy still exist? Guest presenter Disembodied Intelligence No. 892Xz argues that there will always be a market — primarily among Brooklyn youth with hipster implants — for the Internet's old-timey, artisanal experience of placing your fingertips on a keyboard. Free, at the Downtown Planet’s Brainatorium


Book FestivalOctober 16-18


Now in its 43rd yr, the @vegasvalleybookfestival continues 2 b a #celebration of the #1.3-second #YouVine #video. This yr’s #keynote = @NutRaiderrr, presenting a 1.7-second #xtended cut of his #hellafamouzz #Pulitzer-winning #YouVine, “Cat freaked out by wax paper LMAO!!!! #shakespeerian” Historic Fifth Street School Brought 2 You by Comcast-China National Petroleum Corporation LLC



Injecting Shakespeare in the Park!

There’s much ado about something in (the habitable portion of) Sunset Park: intravenous Twelfth Night, that’s what! Not just for literature junkies anymore, medicinal-grade Hamlet, Macbeth and even Troilus and Cressida have gone mainstream. Bring a picnic, find a vein and let the Bard take you away from global warming, your spouse’s robo-mistress and the asteroid crater where your house used to be! Presented by PharmaTech Global


New Year’s Eve

The Rolling Stones

Ticket prices start at $10 million in perfect-cut diamonds

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