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Has it really been a year since the last Focus on Nevada Photo Contest? Plus, for this year’s look at nightlife in Nevada’s biggest city, we decided to turn the lens on those communities that are big enough to sway markets, but too small to be mainstream — LGBTQ+ individuals, seniors, those under 21 and other non-drinkers.

In the Club

A woman in a sequined bodysuit sings on stage
Tiffany Salerno
Tiffany Salerno Photography

Nightlife is for the young and beautiful. It’s putting on your afterhours finest, drinking and dancing in clubs, and hooking up.

But also … it’s for people over 60 and the hopelessly introverted. It’s lounging in a piano bar, or watching the Knights game at your favorite gay bar, or playing board games with your under-21 besties. Everyone has a nightlife.

Here’s our look at a few ways to go out in Las Vegas that don’t involve bottle fees.

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