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See Hear Do: Happy Days are Here Again

The Beverly Rogers Literature and Law Building

Theater, lectures, a jazz extravaganza, and a fine art exhibit fill your last three weeks of November with cheer

Nov. 9

Celebrate American Indian Heritage Month by attending curator Jaimie Isaac's lecture, Adorned Since Time Immemorial: First Nations’ Fashion Today. Highlighting the current generation of Indigenous fashion designers, Isaac explores how trend cycles and fast fashion have negatively disrupted traditional clothing practices, and what Indigenous people are doing to resurrect ancestral tailoring skills.

Nov. 9

While most atomic-age history can be heavy, this installment of the Atomic Museum’s Atomix lecture series, Atomic Life: Shaken and Stirred, makes connecting with that era a bit more accessible. It features the work of Cecelia Tichi, author of Midcentury Cocktails: History, Lore, and Recipes from America’s Atomic Age — a dash of midcentury kitsch, a solid scoop of Ameri - can history, and a Moscow Mule straight out of Ocean’s Eleven.

Nov. 10

The Wonderful World of Was, a play staged by the Social Issues Theatre, aims to correct a lack of education on Lewy Body Dementia by telling the story of Lareaux, a high-achieving real estate developer who develops the disease and is left caregiver-less when his wife passes away. The show is a compelling educational tool on dementia’s wide-reaching effects, along with an exploration of thorny relational dynamics, including the question of whether children have a moral imperative to care for their parents. This play will be showing on multiple dates; check the website for details.

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Nov. 15-26

Happy Days is quite the deceptive name for Samuel Beckett’s 1960 play, which revolves around the alienating relationship between Winnie and her husband, Willie. Spending the play buried up to various parts of her body, Winnie banters to the mostly-invisible Willie about their past, their future, and their love story. In so doing, Beckett’s 60-year-old show is a feast of the surreal, strange, and sorrowful. How do we react when life seems to be passing us by, seemingly burying us in the sands of time? This play will be showing on multiple dates; check the website for details.

Through Nov. 18

Art professor Daryl DePry’s Experience Outdoors: Landscapes in Paintings and Prints is influenced by his upbringing in Southern California, hiking the deserts and mountains with his mom. DePry focused on nature as a frequent subject in his drawing and printmaking for UNLV’s master of fine arts program and, after a foray into plein air oil painting, learned to incorporate printmaking into the excursions by using a small intaglio press in the bed of his pickup. This show, which brings together a collection of DePry's outdoors-made works, runs through Nov. 18 at CSN’s Fine Arts Gallery, open weekdays 9a-6p, Sat. 10a-4p.

Nov. 27-29

The UNLV jazz program has garnered accolades for its musicians’ talent, as well as for its diverse musical styles. This year’s three-day Jazz Festival will cover a lot of ground, highlighting the work of multiple jazz ensembles — contemporary, Latin, studio, vocal, and more. And the headline guest artist is drummer Gregg Bissonette, who’s played with everyone from American rocker David Lee Roth to Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.