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Street Foodie: The Flavor of the Strip

You can eat from the street without leaving the Boulevard


Photo by Brent Holmes

Masala (1)

A forkful of spice you can have any time — Masala is the city’s only 24-hour Indian restaurant. Is it also the very best? No. But it is pretty good and offers diverse regional flavors from across the subcontinent. Street Foodie ducks in to satisfy that 2 a.m. craving for chicken curry or when he wants to wake up with chat and a mango lassi — it’s all on the menu almost all the time.  3041 Las Vegas Blvd. S #5, 702-916-0603


Photo by Brent Holmes

Kimchi (2)

To try all-you-can eat Korean barbecue is to receive the gift of Flavor, and the sizzling ranges at Kimchi are the gifts that keep on giving. Plates of beef, pork, and chicken with all the marinades. Also, let me direct your palate to the banchan salad bar for a pick ’n’ mix of sides, from kimchi to fish cake, a veritable rainbow of complementary flavors. 
3049 Las Vegas Blvd. S. #27, 702-894-9944


Photo by Brent Holmes

Buzzd (3)

This boba spot a stone’s throw from Encore offers classic flavors. Rainbow jelly, popping pearls, or industry-standard tapioca balls can be paired with flavors ranging from blueberry to avocado. Why is it called Buzzd? Although Street Foodie, of course, has no firsthand experience of this, you can get any boba spiked with a variety of spirits. A refreshing way to get your drink on when you tire of craft cocktails. 
3061 Las Vegas Blvd. S. #1A, 702-736-7777


The Peppermill
Photo by Brent Holmes

The Peppermill (4)

On some level, Street Foodie believes that the Peppermill is the axis mundi of all dinner experiences — the cosmic center. The essence of late-night, old-school Vegas dining. If you’ve never been, or haven’t in a while, make your pilgrimage now to this sacred culinary space and marinate in its gaudy glory. I recommend the chicken-fried steak or the Greek omelet; make sure you accompany it with the lemon muffin. 2985 Las Vegas Blvd. S.,


Tacos El Gordo
Photo by Brent Holmes

Tacos El Gordo (5)

Waiting in line for street food is something Los Angelenos should suffer, not the proud residents of Southern Nevada. Except at Tacos El Gordo, the closest Las Vegas comes to a perfect taco. If you are at the back of a long line, waiting for an adobada mula, know that you are engaged in a noble pursuit. You can get the standard beef, chicken, and pork; if you’re feeling mildly adventurous, try the lengua (beef tongue); if you’re feeling bold, go for the tripa — Street Foodie promises the offal ain’t awful.
3041 Las Vegas Blvd. S., 702-331-1160

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