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Summer Dining 2018: The Drinks


Mai Tai at Golden Tiki
Photography by Chris DeVargas/Courtesy of Golden Tiki

Mai Tai at Golden Tiki

The Drinks

Refresh in good taste with these summer sippers


Margaritas at La Comida


Mexico’s remedy to a sweltering summer, the reliable margarita, is at its best at La Comida. This temple to tequila offers a standing repertoire of more than a dozen icy concoctions. Traditionalists keep it simple with the solid “Paloma,” and foodies branch out with tamarind, passionfruit, and guava varieties. Adventurists experiment with the jalapeño-infused “Spicy Cucumber.” But why limit yourself to just one? 100 6th St., GT


Natural Daiquiri at Jammyland

Las Vegas has done the daiquiri a gross disservice, turning Hemingway’s favorite cocktail into a sugared-up, watered-down slushy in a tube. However, Jammyland shows the drink the respect it deserves, with a simple, elegant version that perfectly balances sweet and sour over a nice rum buzz. It’s the perfect match for Jammyland’s laid-back vibe and vintage ska soundtrack. 1121 S. Main St., LTR


Limoncello at Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca

Drink like Italians do. First, stroll the verdant walkways of The District at Green Valley Ranch. Then, relax at cheerful Bottiglia with a glass of icy, glowingly yellow limoncello, that sweet but puckery citrus kiss of the Mediterranean sun. Now you’re living la dolce vita. The District at Green Valley Ranch, GT

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Ketel One Frozen Mule at Topgolf

We’ve seen a trillion variations on the Moscow Mule, but Topgolf’s frozen version is a standout. The ginger and lime flavors take well to ice, and the chilled metal cup is welcome on a hot day. Find a shady spot near one of the pools and melt the day away. MGM Grand, LTR


The Magarian at Carson Kitchen

When it comes to potent potables, nothing surpasses gin on ice for keeping cool in warm climes. This signature beverage at Carson Kitchen features snappy Aviation gin and appealing hot-weather ingredients: thyme-honey syrup, fresh lemon, and cucumber soda. It’ll be the zingy, effervescent star of your Downtown evenings. 124 S Sixth St. #100, GT


Frozen Jameson Irish Coffee at Double Down

How did it take so long for the New Orleans hot-weather treat to make it to Vegas? It may seem weird to see a frozen drink machine behind the bar at the Double Down churning next to the “You puke, you clean” sign, but you will be oh-so-thankful for the Frozen Jameson Irish Coffee. It’s a drink, dessert and blast of air-conditioning all in one, and goes down appallingly easy. 4640 Paradise Road, LTR


Steigl Beagle at ReBar

Summer is the season for citrus, especially alongside some tequila. But if you’re more of a sipper than a shooter, ReBar’s Stiegl Beagle is a refreshing mix of Stiegl Radler grapefruit beer, tequila, and lime. It’s a good drink for kicking back on their porch, wondering if you want to buy that Löwenbräu sign. And, given that every drink benefits local animal charities, why not have two? 1225 S. Main St., LTR


VIP at Del Frisco’s

Even those who snootily refuse vodka enjoy the Vodka-Infused-Pineapple concoction at this classic steakhouse. Bartenders submerge sliced pineapples in glass jars swimming with vodka, then set them aside to infuse. The result is a delightfully cooling (and deceptively potent) tropical “martini.” Sure, you’re in the Hughes Center, but you could be in Singapore. 3925 Paradise Road, JPR


Michelada at Broadacres

This handcrafted chiller combines Mexican beer, Clamato, lime juice, and spices for a mouth-woke, Baja-flavored beer-sperience! They come in a styrofoam cup rimmed with tajin, and are big enough to share, but why? It’s hot outside, and you’ll need it to wash down that bag of chili lime pistachios you are about to scarf. 2930 Las Vegas Blvd. N., JPR


Sparkling Sangria at Firefly

If traditional sangria is too sweet for your taste, try this. It’s Firefly’s incredibly popular Spanish wine punch served tall and cold over ice, and cut with a little sparkling cava. Is it wine, or is it bubbles? Is it brunch, or is it dinner? Who cares?! Order a pitcher and join the party. 3824 Paradise Road, JPR


Lemmy Peach Palmer at Bin 702

Wise cocktailists have been boosting the octane of the summery Arnold Palmer tea-lemonade sipper for some time. Bin 702’s (off-menu) Lemmy Peach Palmer adds Jack Daniel’s and a dash of Peach Schnapps to the mix, making for a clandestine Container Park cocktail that won’t guilt-trip you for drinking while the kids play. 707 E. Fremont St., JPR


Mai Tai at Golden Tiki

The sun burns us hottest in the afternoon, making Golden Tiki’s happy hour (2-6p) a true respite, especially since the classic Mai Tai is just $5. Snag a seat by the relaxing sounds of the clamshell waterfall and enjoy GT’s cool, dark environs, the perfect summer escape! 3939 Spring Mountain Road, JPR


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