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Eleven Most Endangered Historic Places in Nevada Part 3

Across the state, from a school to a cave, Senator Richard Bryan continue our look at historic places:

Cave Valley Cave in Lincoln County is about 45 miles north and west of Pioche on 93, with a turn onto Cave Valley Road. It is considered a traditional cultural property. To Native Americans, it is sacred.

The Stewart Indian School in Carson City, which opened December 17, 1890, was created to assimilate Native Americans into the white population and to break their cultural ties.

The Goodsprings School House was built in the Colonial Revival style, is located in Goodsprings, Nevada and is listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places. To reach Goodsprings, head south on Interstate 15 approximately 30 miles to the Jean exit onto Highway 161. Follow this paved road seven miles west. It is Clark County's oldest school building still in use and a few students remain. Read more here: NY Times: Steve Friess: A Small Nevada Town Fears a Damaging Silence From Its School Bell Soon.

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