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Fixing it: Las Vegas handymen help listeners with repairs

Ivan Radic

How many trips to the hardware store does it take a Las Vegan to fix a sprinkler head?

If you’ve ever had to do it, this isn’t a joke. It’s a pain in the you-know-what. And it’s times like those that we all wish someone in the family was a handyman.

Well, on Wednesday, we brought in a couple of people who are handy and they were here to answer your questions and maybe save you some money…because it can get expensive to fix, repair or build anything in the home these days.

And a lot of us aren’t moving out of our homes, old or new, because it’s too costly to find another home.

So we’re fixing things where we can. In fact, Harvard University reported home improvement spending has increased from $328 billion in 2019 to an expected $485 billion this year.

Guests: Joseph Armijo, HVAC instructor, College of Southern Nevada; Justin Kelly, handyman, Red Truck Handyman (Kelly is related to a Nevada Public Radio employee)

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Christopher Alvarez is a news producer and podcast audio editor at Nevada Public Radio for the State of Nevada program, and has been with them for over a year.