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Public transit, politics, crime, the economy: What's on your mind, Las Vegas?

FILE - A tram travels by the front of the Aria Resort & Casino, Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014, in Las Vegas.
John Locher
Lewis Hamilton drives during a demonstration along the Las Vegas Strip at a launch party for the Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix, Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022, in Las Vegas.

Some of the news you hear really makes you wonder, "why?"

We're not talking about the end of the contract dispute between casinos and the Culinary Union. That was going to happen after casinos made record profits year after year while workers reportedly did more with fewer people.

And it won’t be the last time it happens.  The pandemic opened the eyes of a lot of workers to their intrinsic value to virtually all businesses. Employees are fed up with being treated like chattel.

At the same time, the Formula 1 race is this weekend. The race caters to the super rich, who will be served by Strip workers struggling to reach their jobs due to F1 street bottlenecks.

But we're not talking about that, either. What makes us wonder is the death of a 17-year-old near Rancho High School last week.

Jonathan Lewis Jr. was reportedly beaten to death by 15 people. There’s a short video online. His father told the Review-Journal his son was defending a friend when all 15 attacked him. He died at the hospital. Police are investigating.

The senseless death of a young man isn’t unique.

But if you tried to raise your kids with integrity and responsibility for others, it makes you wonder. Where’s it come from? Home? Parents? Group hatred? And you wonder — are they winning? Those who berate, never take responsibility, who support violence — have they won?

Does our political system teach us that?

Today’s show is our open mic — your turn to sound off on whatever’s on your mind. Be it FI, the state of society, politics, education, sports, the economy, our presidential candidates. Anything you want. 

Guest: April Corbin Girnus, reporter, Nevada Current

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Joe Schoenmann joined Nevada Public Radio in 2014. He works with a talented team of producers at State of Nevada who explore the casino industry, sports, politics, public health and everything in between.
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