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Las Vegas! What's on your mind?

City of Las Vegas
Downtown Las Vegas

Today, we want to know what’s on your mind. What’s bugging you? What are you happy about?

How’s life? How’s life in Vegas? How’s your week going? What will you do this weekend?

Did you know when Joe Schoenmann first moved here he found a black widow in his washer-dryer nook? He freaked out, stormed into his landlord's office demanding to know what kind of place they were running but the landlord couldn't care less. Little did Joe know, they are everywhere and can even be beneficial.

The landlord did end up "sending" someone over there, and just told Joe, "Vegas is the most exciting city on the planet." Do you think it is?

Guest: John Curtas, food writer

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Joe Schoenmann joined Nevada Public Radio in 2014. He works with a talented team of producers at State of Nevada who explore the casino industry, sports, politics, public health and everything in between.
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