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Investigations into Nevada's Boarding Schools

Samuel Metz / AP Photo

Earlier this month, Governor Steve Sisolak met with leaders from the state’s tribal communities as part of an effort to, as he puts it,  “make amends” -- for the state’s past treatment of Native Americans.  

Specifically, he was referring to the formation of the Stewart Indian School in Carson City. Established in 1890, the boarding school was like others in the United States and Canada. Thousands of children were taken from their homes, often violently, and forced into the school. The sole intention was the assimilation of native children into white society. It’s a history that was once again brought to the forefront after authorities in Canada found the unmarked graves of hundreds of indigenous children who were sent to similar boarding schools. 

The discovery has led federal officials to launch an investigation into the schools, including Stewart.  

Stacey Montooth, Director, Nevada Indian Commission

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Paul serves as KNPR's producer and reporter in Northern Nevada. Based in Reno, Paul specializes in covering state government and the legislature.