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Former teenage extremist turned student of nuance

Brent Holmes

Editor's note: This segment originally aired Dec. 14

Going into the race for governor, one of the candidates is a big gun supporter; her online ad has her shooting a gun; she once put out a Christmas card showing her and her guns with family.

Is this a big deal?

It is to those who think we’re heading to a New World Order, or that our government is out to take all our guns.

Bert Johnson was one of those people. And his is one side of that extremist story that’s rarely told. He grew up with guns, shooting them with dad was a rite of passage.

And as you’ll hear, the fiery rhetoric of extremists burned pretty strong in him. In the latest issue of Desert Companion magazine, he wrote about how he barely blinked at the notion of shooting federal agents to fight the forces of tyranny.

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Bert Johnson, reporter, Mountain West News Bureau

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