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'Let's do this again:' KNPR to air sequel to popular original space alien radio drama

The rascally aliens that tried to conquer the Earth last year in “Live From Area 51” are at it again.

On Wednesday, Nevada Public Radio debuts “Beneath Area 51,” a sequel to 2020’s well-received radio play. It airs at 6 p.m. at KNPR 88.9 FM and will stream here. 

“Last year's program, although mid-pandemic was wildly successful,” said Nevada Public Radio President and CEO Jerry Nadal. “So we thought, ‘Why not?’ Let's do this again.

“It's a great way to escape from all of the news that we're getting every day.”

Last year’s production was one of the highest-rated programs in its time slot and caught the audience's attention, Nadal said.

“We heard from a lot of listeners and a lot of people who were tuning in and just thought it was it was a real throwback,” he said.

“Beneath Area 51” picks up where “Live From Area 51” left off, but the aliens are less vanquished than was thought at the time.

Among those who participated in the production are: director Kate St. Pierre; composer Jennifer Bellor; Martin St. Pierre, sound designer; foley artist Vincent Verderame; Gene Lubas, stage manager; actors Marcus Weiss, Sabrina Cofield, Adriane McLean, Jason Nious, and Joe Schoenmann; Las Vegas Philharmonic musicians Cory Tiffin, De Ann Letourneau, Moonlight Tran, Paul Firak, Patrick Bowen, and Alexandria Le; written by Joe Schoenmann.

Nadal told State of Nevada the audience interest shown in the science fiction dramas has prompted discussion of other radio plays.

“I'd love to see us do something around Christmas with ‘A Christmas Carol,’ he said. “There are certain times of the year I think that really resonate with people and we certainly have the facilities here for it.

“I don't think a lot of people realize that we have a huge production studio in the back, and we have a closet full of microphones. It was designed for live performances.”

Jerry Nadal, CEO and president, Nevada Public Radio

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