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What Should Nevadans Be Planting This Summer?

Stephen Melkisethian / Flickr

Spring is ending, and we all know summer heat is coming soon.  
We're sort of in the brunch of spring and summer, so is it too late to plant tomatoes?  What about lettuce?  

We have two horticulturists with us in studio to answer our listeners questions about gardening for this summer.

Norm Schilling is the owner of Schilling Horticulture.

Angela O’Callaghan is a social horticulturist with Nevada Cooperative Extension and specializes in plant science and desert gardening.

​Norm Schilling, Owner, Schilling Horticulture;  Angela O’Callaghan, Social Horticulture Specialist, Nevada Cooperative Extension; 

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Zachary Green is the Coordinating Producer and a Reporter for KNPR's State of Nevada Program. He reports on Clark County, minority affairs, health, real estate, business, and gardening. You'll occasionally hear Zachary Green reporting and fill-in hosting on the State of Nevada program.