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Lawmakers Want To Stop Taxing Menstrual Products

Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Democratic lawmakers want to say goodbye to the so-called "pink tax" this legislative session.

State Senator Yvanna Cancela and State Senator Joyce Woodhouse along with Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui will introduce bills to end state taxes on feminine-hygiene products.

“My bill specifically focuses on the sales tax that’s imposed on feminine hygiene products,” Cancela told KNPR's State of Nevada. 

They say the products are necessities and should be tax-exempt, like food and medicine. 

“That’s what really motivates me to push for this issue is that unlike clothing or toilet paper it’s women that end up being burdened by a sales tax on something they have to buy,” Cancela said.

And while those opposed to the exception say it is really not a lot of money - about $4,000 over a woman's menstruating life - Cancela said it is really not about the money.

“It’s a principles issue," she said, "There is no reason why something that is medically necessary product should be treated as a luxury item.”

Cancela said on the federal level other female lawmakers, including Rep. Dina Titus (D)-NV., are trying to tackle the problem of gender discrimination in pricing for items that are considered "feminine" like "pink razors" marketed for women compared with lower priced "blue razors" that are marketed for men. 

State Senator  Yvanna Cancela

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Kristy Totten is a producer at KNPR's State of Nevada. Previously she was a staff writer at Las Vegas Weekly, and has covered technology, education and economic development for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. She's a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism.