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Sutherland Global to Employ 2,000 at New Las Vegas Operations Ctr.

A new company has quietly began hiring in the Las Vegas market.

Sutherland Global is a back-end technology company. It has taken over the old Citibank call center at the Lakes, and has already hired 300 people since November. They will be employing 2,000 people by the end of the year.

According to Jim Myers, Vice President for Customer Operations for the Americas, Las Vegas was the perfect place to locate their operations center for one central reason: the quality of the talent pool and the diversity of the skills that talent has. 

"I'm not sure if a lot of folks know but there is a very diverse culture across Nevada that will serve our customers globally very well," Myers said. 

Sutherland is looking for high-end engineering and licensed insurance workers, as well as entry level workers who are serious about advancing in a career.

"We see the Vegas market and this particular center will be the best place for us to nurture and built our technology capabilities," Myers said. 

But what exactly does Sutherland Global do?

"We leverage technology and enhance technology and look at how it can interact with our customers and obviously our employees," he said, "And how do we make that work better? How do we then innovate new solutions for our customers that can increase there speed to market, increase their client relationships and customer experience?" 

Myer said they provide services for several different kinds of industries from banking and financial services to insurance and health care.

Click here for more information on Sutherland Global's career opportunities.


Jim Meyers, Sr. Vice President of Customer Operations for the Americas with Sutherland Global

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