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Say Hello To Fire Season On Mount Charleston

Carpenter One fire
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Carpenter One fire torched acres of forest on Mt. Charleston two years ago and with the lack of of moisture this winter there are concerns the fire season will be even worse.

This winter’s lack of snow in Southern Nevada left skiers and snowboarders disappointed. It also forced Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort on Mt. Charleston to close down early this year.

Normally, the season runs through Easter weekend. But, this year’s season was cut short by a few weeks due to a lack of powder on the mountain.

The lack of an adequate snowfall and a serious drought for the last four years has left the area dry and vulnerable to wildfires. The last brush fire to cause damage to homes and the forest was the Carpenter One fire in 2013.

Leonie Mowat, operations director with GO Mount Charleston, says fire restrictions will go into effect on May 1 and will affect what visitors and campers can do while visiting Mount Charleston.

Mowat told KNPR’s State of Nevada that among the restrictions are “no open camp fires” and smoking is only allowed in a vehicle that is located on pavement. She said most areas have propane grills that people can use, but you’ll see no fire pits this summer.

“We don’t even call the fire season mild or anything anymore,” Mowat told KNPR. “It’s always a high level of fire even on the edges of the winter season.”

Leonie Mowat, operations director, GO Mount Charleston

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