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How Much Is A Prostitute In Nevada? Google It

Google search

A few weeks ago, a website that allows you figure out how much certain things cost posted a map of the United States.

That map, posted by a  company named FIXR, showed what people across the country searched for when asking: "how much does _ cost" on Google.

The results were listed state by state.

And in Nevada, guess what most people wanted to know the cost of? Prostitution.

That probably says something about Nevada, but we're not exactly sure what.

Local attorney and poet Dayvid Figler told KNPR’s State of Nevada the inquiry speaks to Nevada’s live and let live image.

He believes it may be people who are curious or it might be tourists looking for options while planning their vacation.

“The number 2 might Celine Dion tickets,” Figler said.

Prostitute was also the top searched item for the state of Connecticut.

Top searches for other states include:

California – facelift

Utah- speeding ticket

Wyoming – keg of beer

Hawaii – gallon of milk


Dayvid Figler, attorney

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