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Is Homeschooling The Solution To Public School Problems?

One of the education sectors that often flies under the radar is the one that has arguably the most student/teacher involvement: homeschooling.

As the weeds thicken with testing and public school regulations, more parents than ever are choosing to opt out of the system and offer their children an education at home.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the most recent statistics available show that 1.7 million students in the United States were home schooled in 2011-12, up from 1.5 million five years prior.

Many states have laws concerning the structure and curriculum of a homeschooler’s day, but not Nevada. Known for being a homeschool-friendly state, once parents submit a notice of intent to homeschool their child, provide a basic overview of the curriculum to the school district, the state generally stays out of their business.

Pro-school choice groups such as the Nevada Homeschool Network monitor legislation and advocate for a parent’s right to choose their child’s education strategy. Some, such as Las Vegas homeschool parent Elissa Wahl, let their children explore the topics that interest them, and provide the resources necessary to do so. Others in Las Vegas, such as Kristina Runion, choose a more structured classroom environment in their home.


Elissa Wahl,  homeschool parent and vice chair, Nevada Homeschool Network

Kristina Runion, homeschool parent 
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