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Former Opponent Rory Reid Credits Gov. Sandoval For Education Initiatives

Rory Reid, the Democratic candidate for Nevada governor in 2010, expects politics "to limit [Gov. Brian Sandoval’s] good intentions."
Reid, the son of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, told KNPR’s State of Nevada that the governor deserves "a lot of credit" for his approach to education.
"I don't agree with everything he says," Reid said, "But, he deserves a lot of credit. What is limiting him and others is the politics of it. It's not clear if it can get through the Legislature."
Last week, the governor announced plans to push changes to state taxes and fees and funnel it to improving the state’s education system.
When asked about what he would do differently than Gov. Sandoval in regard to funding public education, Reid declined to answer, simply saying the governor "doesn't need my advice."
Reid is also the president of The Rogers Foundation, an education-centered nonprofit group founded by the late Jim Rogers and his wife, Beverly. The foundation is doing its part to improve education.
Wednesday, the foundation gave 25 third graders at Reynaldo Martinez Elementary School four-year college scholarships.

"The looks on the faces of those children and parents is something I will never forget," Reid said. 
Rogers says her organization will also start offering three $100,000 grants to Southern Nevada schools. The three grants will be awarded annually to K-through-12 schools offering arts, STEM and general education program.

Reid said the scholarships will start to address one of the biggest problems in the state the lack of focus on English language learners.

“That’ is why we have the education problem we have in this state is we haven’t done enough for ELL students,” Reid said.
Reid told KNPR the nonprofit organization will announce other grants in the near future.


Rory Reid, president and COO of The Rogers Foundation
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