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New School Board Member Says Schools Are Hurting for Money

With an 855-vote victory over incumbent Stavan Corbett in November, real-estate agent Kevin Child made his way to the District D seat of the Clark County School District board of directors.

The Bonanza High School graduate immediately got to work, touring 46 schools in his sprawling district that spans from Cheyenne Avenue in the north, Nellis Boulevard in the east, Silverado High School in the south and Jones Boulevard in the west.

One of his advertised priorities has been to put the district’s $2.3 billion budget under the microscope. Not an easy task for the fifth-largest school district in the country that has been riddled with problems for years now, including low graduation rates, classroom overcrowding and under-funding.

Child told KNPR's State of Nevada the school district is not doing a bad job with taxpayers money, but he does say the district is under-funded. 

"We're under-funded but we're doing great things," Child said.

Child said his goal for the district is make it one of the top 25 districts in the country in four years.

He said one of the biggest issues is getting parents involved. 

"Parents need to be more engaged," Child said.

He thinks one way to get more parents involved is by improving the English skills of parents of English language learners.

Child said the budget shortfall at the district is a big problem and the solutions might come from working with industries, including gaming and mining, to get more money for schools.

"I'm not a tax-and-spend person, but I know we're hurting," the new board member said.

He also said he was excited to be working with the new Legislature and Gov. Brian Sandoval. He said that Sandoval and several other lawmakers have expressed how important education is to them. Child said he is ready to "hold their feet to the fire."


Kevin Child, District D, Clark County School District
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