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Organization Seeks Volunteers For Israel

For more than 30 years, Americans have journeyed to Israel to volunteer for noncombatant civilian work with the Israeli Defense Forces. In that time, some 30,000 Americans have been stationed on Israeli bases packing medical supplies, or repairing machinery.

Other volunteers update equipment for the reservists, paint numbers and bumpers and ladders of trucks that carry tankers, and working in the kitchens on base. The typical work week runs from Sunday afternoon to Thursday afternoon.

Dr. Jeff Kaiser is one of those volunteers. Kaiser and his wife have made multiple trips to Israel to volunteer over the years. His trips to Israel even helped Jeff Kaiser reconnect with a relative who had survived the Holocaust.

Volunteers for Israelbegan in 1982 during Israel’s first war with Lebanon. During the conflict Israeli Brigadier Aharon Davidi requested volunteers from the U.S. be sent to Israel with the aim of helping harvest crops left behind by soldiers whose reserve units were called up to fight. More than 600 volunteers responded, according to Volunteers for Israel.


Dr. Jeff Kaiser, regional manager in Nevada for Volunteers for Israel.
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