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Clark County DA Says Harper Didn't Do It, So Why Was He Arrested?

North Las Vegas police had Patrick Harper dead to rights for murder.

Just one problem: He didn’t do it.

Arrested for allegedly shooting a young woman in the head, the 16-year-old Mojave High School student told police he was at a football game when the killing occurred.

Harper spent the next two weeks in jail until a private investigator proved he was telling the truth. Video surveillance footage from an AM/PM confirmed his alibi--he was at the store some 2 miles away from the site of the murder at about the same time that it occurred.

After seeing that evidence, the Clark County District Attorney's Office dropped the charges and earlier this week Harper was freed from jail.


Patrick Harper

Kristina Wildeveld, attorney

Sgt. Chrissie Coon, North Las Vegas police

Toby Tobiasson, private investigator
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