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The Mexican Mafia On Both Sides Of The Border

The Mexican Mafia in the United States started in prisons, but now operates in all fifty states. Journalist Chris Blatchford chronicled the rise of the mafia from prisons to its modern incarnation as a sophisticated criminal syndicate.

The Mexican Mafia works in tandem with the drug cartels on the other side of the border. Intelligence analyst Sylvia Longmire wrote the book on cartels and will join us to talk about how they move goods across the border, and how crime spills in to the United States. Both of them are also speaking at the Mob Museum, and you can find more information here.


Sylvia Longmire, author, Border Insecurity: Why Big Money, Fences and Drones Aren't Making us Safer

Chris Blatchford, author, The Black Hand: The Bloody Rise and Redemption of "Boxer" Enriquez, a Mexican Mob Killer
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