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Voices of the Homeless

When "Sandra" was in her 20's, she and her husband didn't pay the bills. They suddenly found themselves homeless. She handed over the baby to her parents, and started sleeping in parks and junkyards. She recycled cans to buy food, and she drank from garden hoses. "I was an absolute mess," she says. More than 13,000 people were homeless in Clark County last year.

So who is homeless and what are they doing to survive? Are foreclosures and unemployment forcing people to live on the streets? How many are children, and how many of the homeless are mentally ill? Also, who is helping them? And for those who have left the streets, do they miss the homeless community? We often talk about hard numbers on this show& but we rarely find the faces and voices of the homeless themselves. What are their stories?

Linda Lera-Randle El, homeless advocate and Founder, Straight From the Streets

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