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Kindness of Strangers

Remember the days when a driver would stop and help someone with a flat tire? Or when someone would buy a homeless stranger a hot meal? What happened to those days? Do people still reach out to others? Two college filmmakers are traveling the United States and testing out the kindness of strangers, and they tell us what they found in Nevada. Do you reach out to help others? Or have you faced tough times, and has someone been kind to you? Are there any stories that really touched your heart? In this recession, where are we seeing the kindness of strangers? Share your story with us below.

Sarah Sellman, documentary filmmaker, American Bear

Pastor Robert Fowler, Sr Pastor, Victory Missionary Baptist Church
Linda Lera-Randle El, Founder and Exec Dir, Straight From the Streets
Alicia Farrow, Founder, Acts of Kindness

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