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Smart Meter

Ever heard of the Smart Meter? Well, guess what... you may be getting one in your home. It's a digital meter that's supposed to reduce energy consumption during peak hours. Some companies even claim you can use it to control your power usage from your cell phone or laptop. But how smart is the Smart Meter? Some Californians are lodging complaints that it's not reading right, and that utility bills shot up. There are even lawsuits against the meters in California, Texas, Maryland and Connecticut. But NV Energy claims it can do it right. And thanks to a $138 million federal grant, it's looking to have Smart Meters in Nevada homes very soon. How helpful will the Smart Meter be? Will it be worth the time and money? What do you think? Is there a better way to save energy? Call 258-3552 or join the discussion.

Michael Yackira, president and CEO, NV Energy
Robert Stewart, senior vice president of Customer Relationship, NV Energy

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