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The Fix-It Show - Summer Edition

Summer is around the corner, and it's time to crank up the AC. But wait! It just made a sputtering noise and died. How will you survive this heat with no air-conditioning? How can you fix it?

*Planning to build a pool?
*Want to hook up a grill out back?
*Want a better alternative than your $20 fan?

It's time for our summer fix-it show, and time for your questions about AC, getting your pool going again, or any other home-improvement quandaries you may have....

A handyman, a plumber and an AC expert are on hand to answer to help out.

Get your question in ahead of time, by posting them here.

Billy Haas, licensed handyman, Amazing Creations Bruce Abbott, plumbing contractor, Abbott Plumbing Chris Bingaman, Asst Service Mgr, Quality Mechanical

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