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Mental Health

Sue Gaines remembers sitting in the hospital after her child attempted suicide. A social worker handed her a pamphlet on a mental illness support group, and Sue says it changed her life.

According to some statistics, 1 out of 4 families is affected by mental illness. And yet, strong stigmas persist.

How has mental illness affected your life?
Do you know someone who is depressed or bipolar?
Have you, yourself been hesitant to seek treatment or tell people about it?
And why do those in the mental health community say so much of mental illness is feared and misunderstood?

Experts, family members and those with mental illness share their stories. Share yours or send us a question, by clicking on the comment link below.

Judy Bousquet, Facilitator, National Alliance on Mental Health of Southern Nevada
Sue Gaines, Pres, National Alliance of Mental Illness of
Southern Nevada
Michael Howie, Exec Dir, Mojave Adult, Child, and Family Services
Trina, consumer, Mojave Adult, Child, and Family Services

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