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City of Las Vegas Budget Cuts

The city of Las Vegas is duking it out with the firefighters union over wage and benefits concessions. The city and firefighters had a principle agreement, but that has since fallen apart. Now, the mayor says more than 200 city employees could lose their jobs.

We talk with City Manager Betsy Fretwell, and Don King, President of the Las Vegas City Employees Union, about the layoffs and the efforts to balance the city's $80 million budget shortfall.

Betsy Fretwell, Las Vegas City Manager
Don King, Pres, The Las Vegas City Employees Assoc

What are your thoughts on how the city is balancing its budget? Are Mayor Goodman, and City Manager Betsy Fretwell being too heavy handed with city employee layoffs?

How should the city negotiate with other unions, namely firefighters and police?

Is it time for Las Vegas to merge services with Clark County and other munipalities in the area?

Post your thoughts and comments and questions below.

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