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Nevada's Homeless Population

Michele Fuller-Hallauer, Continuum of Care Coordinator, SNRPC's Committee on Homelessness
Linda Lera-Randle El, Founder and Exec Dir, Straight from the Streets
Nan Roman, Pres and CEO, Natl Alliance to End Homelessness
Michael O'Neill, Dir, Faces of Homelessness Speakers Bureau with the Natl Coalition for the Homeless
... on the estimated 11,000 homeless people in the Las Vegas Valley, whether that number has grown due to the recent economic downturn and what is being done to help them.

  • Help Hope Home
  • National Alliance to End Homelessness
  • National Coalition for the Homeless
  • Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition
  • "Arrival" by Bob Ravenscroft Trio ("Intersections 1")
  • "96 Blues Per Minute" by Michael Lindner ("Cocktail Napkin")
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