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Sandra Jauregui


Sandra Jauregui


Nevada State Assemblyperson; Sales Executive

Political Office

Nevada State Assembly District 41

Political Affiliation


How would you describe yourself to voters?

A proud Nevadan and Latina striving to make the American dream a reality for everyone in her community. I am a daughter of immigrant parents who started a small clothing business in the US, whose hard work and success inspired me to pursue public service so that all Americans may have the tools they need to fulfill their dreams.

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

Affordable Housing - We need to support comprehensive housing measures that go after the root causes of the exponential increases in housing and that is exactly what I am working on for Nevada families.

Abortion and Women's Rights - The rights of women to control their own bodies is being stripped away by Republican anti-choice extremists. Women with their physicians should be in charge of their own medical decisions, not politicians or radical right wingers. I’ll fight to make sure Nevada never turns its back on women’s rights.

Addressing the Climate Crisis - All you need to do is look at the water level at Lake Mead and the wildfires at Lake Tahoe to see the catastrophe here today from the climate crisis. We must continue to work to make Nevada the leader in renewable energy and create clean energy jobs that now only power our homes but our economy as well.

Common Sense Gun Violence Prevention - We have seen since the start of the pandemic a dramatic increase in gun violence in the home and at schools. We need to continue to enact common sense gun violence prevention measures that keep our community, our students and our families safe.

In your opinion, how would you rate the state’s response to the pandemic? Why?

The challenges Nevada families and our state faced during the pandemic was nothing short of extraordinary. As difficult and frustrating as some of those times were, our state came together to work through those challenges and find ways to support each other. Since the depths of the pandemic, we’ve climbed out of an economic catastrophe and dropped the unemployment rate from nearly 30% to under 5%. We’ve also seen our state step up and increase healthcare coverage so more Nevadans could get health insurance through Medicaid - nearly 1 in 3 Nevadans are getting healthcare coverage through Medicaid. Undoubtedly there were mistakes - an unprecedented pandemic met with the frailty of humanity will inevitably result in mistakes - but I’m proud that our state employees and state leadership was not frozen by the fear of making mistakes. Instead, we continued to try new things and innovate solutions to find ways to support our fellow Nevadans. That determination and perseverance is something I hope all Nevadans can be proud of.

Education and local government officials have long asked lawmakers to change the way the state assesses property taxes. That includes raising the current tax threshold. Should lawmakers consider raising those thresholds? If not, what is the best way for governments to raise money for local programs?

Property taxes have been the third rail of Nevada politics for decades now, and measures first enacted at the founding of our state constitution during the middle of the Civil War remain entrenched today. The only way we will actually achieve true reform is with a grassroots movement of community leaders from across the state and ideological spectrum coming together to act for change. Further, since these provisions are locked in the constitution, any legislation passed will then require a vote of the people prior to becoming law. I look forward to working with citizens and community leaders supporting a comprehensive and collaborative approach to making our property tax system work better for our communities.