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Rahul Joshi


Rahul Joshi



Political Office

Congressional District 2

Political Affiliation


How would you describe yourself to voters?

I am a teacher and a concerned citizen who wants to do right by the people who live in Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District.

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

Access to healthcare, affordable housing, education and protecting our environment.

What are the three greatest challenges facing Nevada, and how would you address them in Washington?

We have a housing affordability crisis, a looming water crisis, and under-representation of our native population. I will address our housing affordability issue by working to incentivize builders to construct more affordable manufactured homes. The fewer restrictions mean lower costs. Another way to tackle this issue is to ease financing restrictions. Millions of Americans are locked out of the home-buying process. Simplifying the process, doing away with burdensome fees can unlock this dream for many Americans. Our water crisis is not dire yet, but it will be soon. We have to start thinking towards the future. Building infrastructure that carry’s water from areas that see excess rainfall to across the country that can fill various damns, reservoirs and aquifers is imperative. We have to start thinking outside of the box. Our native population is severely underrepresented in our state’s most important issues. Giving them a seat at the table and a strong voice is the right thing to do. I will work with tribes from all over Nevada to help draft legislation and give them the voice they deserve to help make decisions that affect all of us.

Inflation has reached its highest levels in more than 40 years. What should Congress do to address the rising costs of living?

Address our supply chain issues. Our ports are outdated, workers are underpaid, etc. Addressing this critical area will go a long way in alleviating some of the pressures of inflation. There are a number of ways to tackle this issue and we have to explore all options. Use current antitrust laws to help curb corporate profiteering, invest in childcare (putting more parents back to work), tax wealthy investors.

Would you vote to support/oppose a federal law that guarantees women across the country the right to an abortion?

I wholeheartedly support a woman’s right to choose.