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Jess Kutch: Can unions address the changing needs of workers today?

Part 1 of the TED Radio Hour episode Work, Play, Rest - Part 1.

From unionizing to striking to quitting, employees are taking power into their own hands. Labor organizer Jess Kutch explores the effectiveness of collective bargaining to affect change.

About Jess Kutch

Jess Kutch is a labor organizer and the co-founder of, a nonprofit organization fighting to protect worker rights through virtual campaigns. has helped win paid parental leave benefits at Netflix, labor reform at Starbucks, and higher wages for many grocery and retail store workers.

Prior to, Kutch worked for, the Service Employees International Union, and other organizations at the intersection of technology and labor reform. Kutch is a TED Fellow, an Echoing Green Global Fellow, a J.M.K. Innovation Prize winner and an Aspen Institute Job Quality Fellow. She's a graduate of Bennington College.

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