How Many Votes Have Been Counted In Undecided States

Updated at 3:49 p.m. ET

There is a lot we don't know yet about the results of the election, in large part because there are still so many votes to be counted, especially in the swing states that were always likely to determine the outcome of this election.

More than 139 million votes have been counted, and The Associated Press is projecting a total vote of nearly 173 million, which would be a record. Among the six states that haven't been called, Pennsylvania has 64% of its expected vote total counted as of Wednesday afternoon, the fewest votes counted so far among the key contested states. President Trump leads there, but the count is not expected to be complete for a few days.

Michigan, another of the so-called blue wall states that Trump won four years ago and that are crucial to Biden's chances, could only begin processing its mail-in ballots on Monday. So far it has counted 96% of the expected ballots, with Biden holding a narrow edge.

Wisconsin began the day with no clear winner, but the AP has now called the race for Biden.

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Two Sun Belt states that Democrats had hoped to capture, Georgia and North Carolina, have counted 95% and 94% of their votes, respectively. Trump retains a narrow lead in each state. Nevada, another key state for Democrats, has 67% counted.

Alaska also remains to be called, but it's expected to fall in the president's column.

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