Our Annual Graduation Tradition

Host Robin Young salutes this year’s graduates with a rebroadcast of musician Tom Rush‘s version of “Child’s Song.”

She also checks in with Rush, who is recovering from COVID-19 and tips her hat to the graduates of Here & Now‘s home station — WBUR in Boston.

High School Graduates

  • Tyler Barolo
  • Emily Burbo
  • Ari Eaton
  • Ravi Eaton
  • Liliana Lines
  • Dylan Liriano
  • Annie MacBeth
  • Christina Rose Murphy
  • Lu Paris
  • Katherine Shea Ryan
  • Simone Seiner
  • Cadee Stefani
  • Alexis Stolpe

College Graduates

  • Elizabeth Brown
  • Frank Hernandez
  • Alana Humason
  • Lynsey Jeffery
  • Margot Kaminski
  • Nick Kaminski
  • Elie Levine
  • Gabriel Lubbock
  • Maggie Matta
  • Sarah Rowlands
  • Kalyani Saxena
  • Katherine Simpson
  • Kaya Williams

Advanced Degrees Graduates

  • Jacquie Andreano
  • Tom Andreano
  • Nathan Baranski
  • Quiana Scott-Ferguson

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