Tensions Over Politics At Work? Tell Us About It


John M Lund, Getty Images

As the 2020 presidential season gears up, it's harder to engage in neutral political discussions at the water cooler. Identity politics is tougher to avoid, especially as more CEOs and workers take stands on issues.

Are you a conservative awash in a liberal-leaning workplace? A lone liberal in a right-leaning company? Does this affect how you work in teams? Do you feel discriminated against, silenced or judged for your beliefs?

Maybe political differences have caused some heated conversations, but you've been able to work through them unscathed, or you find politics bringing co-workers together. We'd like to hear about that, too.

If these issues are cropping up for you at work, or have changed your work relationships, please fill out this form to share your story. We may want to include your voice on the air, so if you can, tell us your story in a voice memo and submit it using the form.

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