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Newport Folk Festival

​Margo Price, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2018


Margo Price performing at the 2018 Newport Festival.
Adam Kissick , for NPR

Margo Price performing at the 2018 Newport Festival.

John Prine was not even on the bill at Newport, but he stepped out on stage to introduce Margo Price. The set just got better from there.

Price puts nothing less than truth and real life into her songs and performances. That authenticity is what Newport Folk Festival is all about. Price's songs are rich narratives and her band can rock, twang and shuffle like few others. For the main stage set, she drew from her two albums and recent EP, keeping the storytelling and energy high.


  • "Tennessee Song"
  • "Don't Say It"
  • "Do Right By Me"
  • "Cocaine Cowboys"
  • "All American Made (Keys)"
  • "In Spite of Ourselves" feat. John Prine
  • "Four Years Of Chances"
  • "Long Live the King"
  • "Nine To Five" feat. Brandi Carlile
  • "Paper Cowboy"
  • "Outro (Roses)"


Technical Director: Josh Rogosin; Audio Engineers: Steve Remote, Ken McGee, Jon D'Uva, David Raidman, Steve Kolakowsky; Production Assistant: Téa Mottolese; Location Recording facilities Provided by / Aura-Sonic, Ltd.; Producer: Suraya Mohamed; Photography: Adam Kissick.

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